New York Fashion Week Gets Kinky – Here’s How You Can Too

badgley mischka fashion weekNew York Fashion Week showed off designer clothes, shoes and accessories, as well as some pretty amazing hairstyles.  NYFW hair textures ranged from natural, to kinky curly, to just a bit frizzy, glossy, and wavy.

My eye was drawn to the Badgley Mischka show.  Models graced the runway with hair that integrated contrasting textures of sleek and frizzy in a way that truly demonstrated the artistic capabilities of hair.

It was noted that BM hairstylist Peter Gray drew inspiration from the German film ‘Metropolis’ to create the dramatic look for the models.  He accomplished the look by setting hair in tight curls, brushing it out and backcombing the smooth sections.

To show off your diversity and creativity, perhaps try recreating the Badgley Mischka look on your own for your look-book.  Although this may not be a style clients would request, it would certainly show off your capabilities and imagination.

Here’s how you can mirror the Badgley Mischka look in your salon:

You will need:  A ½” Marcel curling iron.

  • Begin in the nape, take 1″ partings across the back, split into 1″ sections.
  • Take each section and with the iron do a spiral wind around the barrel until you reach the ends. (Download the TOUCHPRO2.0 App to watch the TARA DRAPE video to see the ‘How To’ for this technique)
  • Continue taking 1″ partings across the back, spiral wind the hair in the same way and work your way to the top of the head.
  • Now do the same at the sides however, take the partings diagonally forward to keep the hair away from the face, continue to finish the sides until they are complete.
  • Set the top in the same way until you are left with a section about 3″ wide across the front.
  • Take the entire front across the forehead and wind it together around the iron and away from the face to produce the modern Marcel Wave effect.
  • Gently brush each section at a time beginning in the nape; arrange and spray with Redken Control Addict 28 to hold in place.

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